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You think the persistent worlds within your favorite MMORPG show no mercy? Well, competition between MMORPGs is fiercest! Below are the most prominent MMORPG failures...

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Canceled MMORPGs

The Sims Online - EA Land
EA-Land (formerly known as The Sims Online) was a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) variation on Maxis' highly popular computer game The Sims. The game shut down all activity on August 1, 2008. See also this community site, fan site, forum and failed campaign to save the game.

Marvel Universe Online
The World of Marvel online with all its epic characters: Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man... This game was expected to be released in 2008 but the project was cancelled by Microsoft who thought it wouldn't succeed because of the competition in the MMORPG market. See also some articles about it.

Gods and Heroes
One of the disappointments of 2007 was that this MMORPG was never released. Gods of Heroes would have taken place back in time to the Romans world with the opportunity for the players to control several characters. Officially cancelled. See also this preview of the game.

Ultima 2 (Ultima World Online) and Ultima X Odyssey
Two games based on the Ultima Universe (one of the oldest MMORPG) that have been cancelled in 2001 and 2004. The studio announced that they would rather focus on the original game and its extensions: Ultima Online. See some articles about the cancellation.

This MMORPG is set in the Matrix Universe. Players have to defend Zion, The Machine, or they will be in exile and will have to work with the Merovingian. This game had been online for four years before servers stopped. See also MXO Mainframe (forum), their MXO space (myspace page), and transcripts.

Tabula Rasa
Taking place mainly on two distant planets, it featured humanity's stand against an alien race, the Bane. Combining the action of a shooter and the immersion of a role-playing game, Tabula Rasa takes the player on an intergalactic adventure to impact the pace of battle on a global scale. The game failed to attract enough subscribers, and went free to play for a short period, before closing in late February 2009. See also the fan site DaOpa.


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