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A fantasy MMORPG involves magic, creatures and supernatural entities. The Fantasy genre consists of strange worlds which have magical creatures (dragons, elves, demons, gods and goddesses) with sometimes their own languages. There are often well-separated good and evil characters and races. The most famous MMORPG, World of Warcraft, dwarfs all the other MMORPGs in its gravity-defying success.

Science-Fiction MMORPGs start to dominate new MMORPG releases. They typically rely on imaginative use of scientific knowledge or theories. Sci-fi games are based on current and futuristic technology with settings that are often contrary to known reality (advanced nanotechnology, time travel, dystopia, etc. ), and can also include imaginative elements. It differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story, its imaginary elements are largely coherent with scientific theories and the laws of nature although some elements in a story might still be pure imaginative speculation.

Historical MMORPGs are based in historical settings such as the period when piracy was buzzing with legendary heros and mysterious islands. The recent Pirates of the Caribbean films have helped kindle modern interest in piracy and have succeeded quite handsomely in box office grosses. Pirates themed MMORPG feature adventures with treasures, seas and naval battles.

Real Life
These MMORPGs are based on real life. The virtual world copies the real world and is constructed by its residents (the players). Players can use voice and text chat to communicate with other real people in a way closer to social networking than other MMORPGs. The virtual world is inhabited by a resident population of thousands/millions of real people from around the world. Each person is represented by an avatar, their chosen digital persona. These games provide more and more freedom to their residents, who can be very creative (create a business, hang out with friends in a night club, build a house, etc.).

You think the persistent worlds within your favorite MMORPG show no mercy? Well, competition between MMORPGs is fiercest! Below are the most prominent MMORPG failures...


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Defining MMORPGs and MMOGs (in French).


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