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Historical MMORPGs are based in historical settings such as the period when piracy was buzzing with legendary heros and mysterious islands. The recent Pirates of the Caribbean films have helped kindle modern interest in piracy and have succeeded quite handsomely in box office grosses. Pirates themed MMORPG feature adventures with treasures, seas and naval battles.

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Historical MMORPG

Voyage Century Online (US) / Bounty Bay Online (Europe)
Players choose their career (merchant, sailor, fisherman or pirate) and make their online fortune on the seven seas. Battles are fought both on land and at sea. See also this fan site, blog, and series of articles about the game.

Pirates of the Carribean Online
A MMORP game with the universe of Jack Sparrow! Players sail over dangerous seas, battle with strange monsters and intimidating pirates. They have to pay attention to the marines and try to become a legend overseas in this Disney's Pirates World. See also this wiki, forum, fan site, and the page from Disneys Online Worlds.

A free-to-play authentic martial arts MMORPG set in the historic Ming Dynasty. This game is worth playing provided the player can bear the ads and the grinding, especially since he/she will be able to experience deeper and better contents the further he/she progresses. See also this forum.

Dark Age of Camelot
Halfway between Everquest and the antique Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot brings players back in time to early medieval England just after the time of King Arthur, when the battle for his succession burst. See also the Classes of Camelot and Allakhazam's magical realm.


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