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The various resources listed in this section discuss the power of role-play to teach, train or heal children and adults - even when no other method would work (in case of behavioral disabilities). Role-playing is actually so powerful that it can also transform about anyone into a monster, as famously demonstrated in the last part of this section.

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Education through role-play

Dynamic goal-based role-play simulation on the web
Pedagogy based on the belief that learning is most efficient and effective when it is situated in realistic settings where learners are clear about, not only the reasons for learning but the context or the ecology of their learning environment.

Role-playing exercises
Role-playing is simultaneously interesting and useful to students because it emphasizes the "real-world" side of science and challenges them to deal with complex problems with no single "right" answer.

The Role of Pretend Play in Children's Cognitive Development
This article from Early Childhood Research & Practice (ECRP) by Doris Bergen defines the cluster of concepts related to pretend play and cognition and summarizes the latest research on the role of such play in children's cognitive, social, and academic development.

Drama in education as mental hygiene
Role-playing teaches skills of interpersonal problem solving, communications and self-awareness.

Role playing to teach specific behavior
Role playing can be an effective way to teach a child with a behavioral disability the appropriate behavior in a given situation.

Educational uses of role-playing games
A number of role-playing supplements treat topics in history and science and are a natural fit to education.

Simulation & Gaming
An interdisciplinary journal of theory, practice and research, dedicated to the exploration and development of simulation/gaming methodologies used in education, training and consultation.

Interactive storytelling game that aims at teaching today's youth math, science, and problem solving skills.

BioMed Central
Role-play for medical students learning about communication: Guidelines for maximising benefits.

A Meta-analysis of role playing games and simulations
This paper focuses on the use of Role Playing Games (RPGs) and simulations in teaching international relations, foreign policy, and comparative government, developing nations or other related courses.

Web-based simulations as teaching and learning media in political science
"A simulation designed for collaborative learning in context will not only motivate and encourage students to learn, but as a result, will also be a more effective tool in teaching and learning than traditional means used in the discipline."

Classroom Experiments & Games
Guides and materials to help introduce games to classes.

Imaginative Interviews
A warm-up exercise for developing role-playing skills: participants take turns interviewing one another with one of the pair assuming an imagined role.

College Research Paper Resources
A Student’s Guide to Hidden Internet Resources, Databases & More. When you need additional information beyond the ubiquitous search engine.

Role-playing for training

Role playing games and activities rules and tips
ideas and theory for employee training, motivation, team building and development.

Serious Games Initiative
Focused on uses for games in exploring management and leadership challenges facing the public sector. Not updated since october 2008, the challenges facing the public sector proved overwhelming?

Serious RPGs?
Are serious games serious RPGs? Thesis followed by comments from readers.

Company designing, developing and advising on "serious games".

Association of Business Simulation and Experiential Learning
List of business simulation games.

Tutorials, exercises, and subject guides listed by the American Economic Association.

Time Engineers
Teaching middle or high school students who want to explore the field of Engineering. See also this review.

Biomedical simulation game focused on nanoscience. See also this video introduction.

Smart Tools for Smart Power
U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer Beth Noveck says on video that the Obama administration sees "serious" games as an important, largely untapped way to enable innovation in government and civic engagement.
Game Impact Theory
Pdf (1Mb) about the forces that are driving the adoption of game technologies within established industries, by R. Smith, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Army Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation.

Role-playing for training (resources in French)

Jeux Sérieux
Blog on serious games.

Industrial multimedia study cases
list of study cases developed by Génie Industriel.

Psychology & Therapy

Role dynamics
The "meta-role" modulates which roles are played when and how by the mind. Education or therapy may involve the meta-role by making this role and its function explicitly conscious.

Considering Moreno's contributions
This psychiatrist was a pioneer of one of the main theoretical foundations of modern social psychology and sociology, “role theory.”

Therapy is Fantasy: Roleplaying, Healing and the Construction of Symbolic Order
A complete overview describing many aspects of the roleplay, its history, its rules, the core place of fantasy and characterization in Rpg, the impact roleplay can have on everyday life (as a factor of change), the role of the gamemaster, and a powerful case study : how exploration of gender role through rpg helped a young depressed woman to heal.

The Relationship of Players to Their Avatars in MMORPGs
Focuses on the aspects of player's relationship with the character while searching for differences in these aspects between various age groups.

Psychology of common game archetypes.

Therapy the Game
A game in which you will be the therapist and the patient.

The dark side

These experiences are controversial.
The Wave
In 1967 World History teacher Ron Jones decided to have a two week experiment in dictatorship. His idea was to explain fascism to his class through a game, nothing more. He never intended what resulted, where his class would be turned into a Fascist environment. See also his own writing about it.
The Milgram Experiment
The Milgram experiment may be the most famous experiment in psychology to date. Take the average American of 1963, put him in the right environment, and he will transform into a torturer.


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