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Resources about role play and role-playing games, in which players/actors control the actions of fictional characters, with a large degree of freedom, for entertainment, training, educational or therapeutic purposes.

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Education through role-play
Role-play can teach, train, empower or heal children and adults - even when no other method would work (for example in the case of behavioral disabilities). Role-playing is actually so powerful that it can also transform people into monsters, as famously demonstrated in the last part of this section.

Pen & paper Role-Playing Games
Pen & paper RPGs differ from other games by the large freedom of choice allowed to a player's character. In any given situation, a character in a role-playing game should be able to take any action that character might take in real life. Pen & paper RPGs require human referees, known as game masters, that will also have prepared a storyline.

The high-speed internet and the powerful servers disseminated around it have allowed RPGs to move to a new dimension, where hundreds of thousands of players coexist and interact in persistent worlds. While the freedom of choice of each of the individual characters may be constrained and the storyline is loosened in MMORPGs compared to pen & paper RPGs, the massive amount of players leads to unique social interactions and things can get quite unpredictable, in a way arguably never achieved by any other games.


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